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Hey. ^_~ I'm just a random mom who likes to make stuff. This journal is where I will showcase the miscellaneous stuff I've made.
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May. 26th, 2011 11:19 am
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I have so much stuff to add to this place, I'm sticking this in as a reminder to myself. ^_^

-Kira's Halloween costume
-50's day
-rainbow cookies
-Foofa cake

And all that was January and prior. So...yeah. New laptop is awesome, though, s...updates soon.
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Halloween is my favorite holiday EVER. Costumes. Candy. Running around the neighborhood wreaking havoc with shaving cream and rotten eggs. Supersoakers full of p.... <-- Whoops! Forgot I was "a dolt" now. Need to be responsible and stuff. *nods*

But luckily, costumes and candy are still a go!

So last year my Ezri said she wanted to be "Super Starbucks Ezri with the power to Caffeinate Mommies" which I would just like to add I thought was an AWESOME super power!

"Super Starbucks Ezri" was her super hero name she picked all on her own and I had the costume all planned. A green barrista apron cape and a cup on top of a straw like a wand, and baby sister was gonna be "Java Chip Kira" but alas...Barbie. She changed her mind and decided to be Barbie from the Diamond Castle movie. Baby sister Kira was Minnie Mouse and mommy thought they were adorable.
EDIT: I was mistaken!  Ezri was a bumblebee at pre-school and Angelina Ballerina for trick-or-treating and Kira was a ladybug. However, this comment still applies--> (and boring just like all the rest of the little girls).

This year I was determined that they would not be like every other kid in a princess costume. They wear those every day!

Then comes along "Glee" and their Lady Gaga episode, "Theatricality".


Ezri took one look at Rachel's stuffed animal dress and fell in love.

I should probably mention that both my girls (still ages 4 and 2 as I post this) LOVE Lady Gaga. They sing along, emulate the dance moves from her videos, and will NEVER LET ME CHANGE THE CDs in the car. They freak out and I just can't be bothered with fighting them over it most of the time. I will be very glad when her new album is released, though.

Stuffed animals in a size that is reasonable to cover a 32lb girl are not easy to come by. They had to be the mini beanies like you get in McDonald's Happy Meals and I didn't want to spend lots of $$. It took me over two weeks to round up enough and trips all over the island to every thrift store I could find in Suffolk and Nassau county.

I also had to find some kind of dress to attach them to. But who knew they just don't make spandex dresses in 3T? So, I had to find another way. I ripped the seams from a long black camisole/tank I had and using just the back, reassembled it into a mini dress. I had to shorten it (even though it was only a shirt since my love is so tiny) and attach & reinforce shoulder straps. The weight of the animals would make the dress pull away from the body so it had to be as tight as possible. I wish I had a picture. Suffice it to say that Daddy was not pleased with the dress being skin tight black with lace hem and shoulder straps. LOL

Then it was just sewing every single stuffed animal to the dress in a way that it was as covered as could be and the animals didn't droop. I had Ezri try it on and then filled in all the gaps with some finger puppets (severed heads).  It's pretty heavy and it looks like this:


I tried to put the flattest animals on the back so she could sit.  It seems to work for her and she's my princess and the pea girl.

I used a bat glued to a headband for her hair. I thought the bat was reminiscent of a bow and was also perfect for Halloween.

At her kindergarten party:

walk walk fashion baby

And now she randomly wears it around the house!

Edited Dec 1, 2010

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So. I really wanted a Flip but I wanted it to have an owl on it and I wasn't able to find anything I liked so I figured I would design my own. How hard could it be (for a person with practically no experience using Illustrator or Photoshop)?

Here's my lovely camera I made:


So first I drew a (really crappy) picture of what I wanted.
I wanted it to have a rainbow and a happy sun with a little owl family representing me and my two baby girls. (Sorry, hubby. He did ask where the daddy owl was but I told him he was 'at work'. :P)
I totally suck as an artist so I looked around the web for owl pictures to trace.

The rainbow was frickin' ridiculously difficult for me to make but after a forever amount of time I got it looking pretty good. I used a pic of the pride flag to match colors.
(click to embiggen the tiny pics)


I messed around with the eyes forever and finally just grabbed one of Ezri's Littlest Pet Shop guys (which have freaky weird yet kinda cute eyeballs) and tried to draw something similar. This also took forever. (Remember - I have no idea what I'm doing in Photoshop.)


This whole thing needed to fit on a 3"x5" camera face.


Yeah. Not gonna work. It was just way too complicated and there was no way it was gonna print out that way. So all that work - layers and layers and hours and hours of work - garbage.

I needed something simpler. So I made a new, much simpler background.  All I had to do was make a gradient and apply it to the wave pattern (with a bit of blue thrown on top which I wished I hadn't used but - eh.)


Much better as it would most likely print well.


Then I tried to simplify the owls and make them a little more ? - not so realistic. So far, all this work was done using Photoshop.

It was a pain in the ass butt, but finally I came up with these cute little guys.


I then tried to color them and add them to the background I had made.


Umm. I couldn't do it. I don't know what the heck was wrong but for all the coffee in the world I was unable to get the stupid thing colored nice. So I gave up and decided to try Illustrator (even though I don't think I had ever even opened the program before).

First I made my little happy sun.


And with color:


He came out just how I wanted! ^_^ Yay Illustrator!


So then I tried to reproduce the owls I had made in Photoshop...and failed. I just couldn't get the little faux-ear points to work and it just kept looking like crap. So I went even simpler.


Circle owls! Easy to color and copy. then I used color replace to make them have our different eye and hair colorings.


And I saw that It Was Good! Yay! And all together I got this!


And now I love my camera!

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Just so you know, I had never attempted to decorate a cake before I made this one. ^_^;;

I made this pointillism cake of Muno for my Kira's 1st B-day. It was a chocolate cake with strawberry filling - which turned out to be a very bad idea because the strawberry just kept oozing out the sides making it look like Muno was hemorrhaging and his brains were leaking out.

I will never again attempt to make red icing from white. I thought it tasted horrible. Kira disagreed (or at least she didn't seem to care).
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